Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What is Creativity? - 17

"We're All Artists Now: How creative self-expression became yet another thing to sell." That's the name of a long article (pp. 1and 4) by Laura M. Holson in the 9/6/15 Sunday Review section of The New York Times. Creativity stores are popping up, workshops where one can paint a wine glass while sipping its soon-to-be contents. Lots of Zentangle and coloring books are being published this year, a couple of them Top 10 best sellers, sales fueled, according to the Times, by our desires for self-help and happiness.

Coloring books. How is a coloring book—filling in someone else's drawing—in any way an expression of self? Haven't we been told for years that creative people "color outside the lines?" How is it art? Maybe it's the nostalgia of picking up crayons again after we had long ago graduated to pencils and pens that is so attractive.

But where's the excitement of discovery that is always present when we're being creative?

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